Gum Grafting

Surgical Enhancement for Gum Recession and Tissue Repair

A gum grafting procedure, also known as gingival grafting or periodontal plastic surgery, is a dental surgical technique designed to repair or augment gum tissue in cases of gum recession or insufficient gum coverage around the teeth. This procedure is typically performed by a periodontist, a dental specialist who focuses on treating gum-related issues.

Addressing Gum Recession with Gum Grafting

A Safe and Effective Solution for Oral Health

Receding gums can indeed pose a significant threat to your overall oral health. When the gum tissue surrounding your teeth starts to recede, it exposes the sensitive roots of your teeth, leading to various dental issues. These issues can range from tooth sensitivity and an increased susceptibility to cavities to compromised aesthetics that can affect your self-confidence. Gum grafting procedure addresses receding gums by adding new gum tissue to the areas affected by the recession. This surgical technique not only alleviates the discomfort associated with gum recession but also serves as a preventive measure against further damage to the gums. 

Gum graft surgery is safe. reliable and effective solution to combat gums recession and restore both the health and appearance of your gums.

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