Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is performed to re-contour the gum tissue and expose more of a tooth’s surface and extend the height of the portion of the tooth that is above the gum line.

When part of a tooth is missing, crown lengthening is performed to recreate the needed amount of exposed tooth so that restorative dental procedures are successful.

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Is crown lengthening necessary?

Crown lengthening is essential when there is tooth decay that is not easily accessible. This decay is typically burrowed deep beneath the gum line. No matter what methods they use, dentists cannot efficiently access tooth decay without performing a crown lengthening procedure.

Many dental conditions require crown lengthening. A few common ones include severe tooth decay below the gums and teeth that have fractured and broken beneath the gum line. A crown lengthening procedure reduces the jawbone level and surrounding gum tissue to increase access to the respective teeth.

How painful is a crown lengthening procedure? 

This procedure requires you to be put under local anesthesia so you don’t feel pain. The periodontist will then surgically cut into the gum and expose the tooth root and jawbone.

How long does a crown lengthening procedure last?

Crown lengthening or crown extensions procedures usually last less than an hour. They use specialized surgical instruments to re-contour the gum tissue and the underlying bone around the tooth. Subsequently, they only affect the gum tissue that is in the immediate area surrounding the respective tooth, and there is typically no risk to any adjacent teeth.

Who can perform a crown lengthening surgery?

A board-certified periodontist performs the crown lengthening surgery under a local anesthetic, with sedation for patients who desire it. They decrease and re-shape the target section of the gums through the eradication of modest amounts of gum tissue. The aim is to lengthen the relevant teeth and create a more symmetrical gum line.

How long does it take to heal from crown lengthening?

In most cases, crown extensions do not require additional post-operative care. Any pain can be managed with ibuprofen. Crown lengthening patients typically return to work and begin eating soft foods the day after dental surgery, and crown lengthening recovery time is generally one or two weeks. This simple dental procedure goes a long way in guaranteeing a healthy, long-lasting crown restoration.

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Pascual Vasquez
Pascual Vasquez
22:33 31 Jan 22
Love the staff here! Very informative and Lori was a huge help in navigating me through the process! Would definitely recommend!
Chevy J
Chevy J
15:36 27 Jan 22
I love everything and everyone at this office. Service is always top tier . They make you feel welcomed and comfortable every time you walk through the door. The Dr. V is great at what he does and I highly recommend this office..
akreeti basnet
akreeti basnet
22:19 06 Jan 22
My experience was just so easy and great. Stacy was really helpful in explaining me all my queries. The staff there is very helpful ♥️
Leah Varghese
Leah Varghese
21:45 28 Dec 21
I was super nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out, but Tooth HQ helped me feel a lot better about the whole process. They made sure that I was well informed about everything I should do after my wisdom tooth extraction surgery. It is also very easy to receive help quickly from Tooth HQ. Their services are wonderful, and everyone there is super nice. Overall, I had a great experience!
Ireanna Scott
Ireanna Scott
16:53 03 Dec 21
I came into the office nervous about getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Rosa and the doctor put my nerves at ease. The team is very helpful, they make sure you are very aware of whats going on and needs to be done. I definitely recommend this office.
Judith Matilde Gonzalez
Judith Matilde Gonzalez
22:18 11 Nov 21
Dr. V and his staff were lovely and very nice. They made sure I had my procedure done in a timely manner since I was in a lot of pain. I would for sure recommend!
hussein awad
hussein awad
21:55 28 Oct 21
I came here to take my wisdom teeth taken out. On the day of the procedure, the nurses were very welcoming. The doctor was also very careful and was very nice to talk to. I just came back from my post 2 week checkup surgery and I got to meet more of the amazing staff.
Amanda Marante
Amanda Marante
14:52 04 Oct 21
I had all 4 wisdom teeth operated on and they did very well. They treated me as many times as necessary and with very good treatment, Miss Alice always very attentive and very professional, thank you very much.
Jermani Boyce
Jermani Boyce
22:10 18 Jul 21
The front desk lady was very polite! Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The dentist and his student in training were both very good. They helped me to understand what was going on throughout the entire process! The dental assistant was extremely nice and helpful as well! I definitely recommend this office!
Laura Scarborough
Laura Scarborough
17:01 06 Jul 21
They are REALLY good here!!! After my surgery, I had a question so I called the # they gave me. I was expecting an answering service because it was a weekend. But to my surprise, the Dr. that actually did my surgery was the one that answered my call.. Everyone was so nice and went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of and understood every step.. Thank y'all for everything 💖
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FAQ for Crown Lengthening

Generally, crown lengthening isn’t a painful procedure since patients get it under the influence of local anesthesia, so they don’t feel any discomfort. However, they may experience some pain when the anesthesia wears off, for which dentists prescribe pain relievers.

You should avoid spicy, salty, acidic, very hot, or very cold foods or liquids. Additionally, you should refrain from eating nuts, chips, or other crunchy or fibrous foods as they may get caught between your teeth. Smoking or drinking of carbonated or alcoholic beverages through a straw are strictly prohibited 48 hours following surgery.

If you experience symptoms like redness, excessive pain, fever, severe swelling, or discolored gum tissue after surgery. In that case, they are not resolving themselves or even getting worse. Therefore, your crown lengthening is infected, and you need to consult or visit your dentist.

In some cases, adjusting the bone level to extend the size of the visible tooth becomes necessary, and dentists complete the procedure by cleaning and sterilizing the area. Therefore, you may require a few stitches to prevent infection based on your treatment.

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