Periodontal Treatments


  • Flap surgery (pocket reduction surgery) – Your Dallas periodontist will make tiny incisions in your gum, so a section of your gum tissue can be raised and moved back, revealing the tooth roots for more effective gum scaling and root planning. Because periodontitis frequently creates bone loss, the underlying bone may be reshaped before the gum tissue is sutured back in place. Once you’ve healed, it is much easier to clean these areas and preserve healthy gum tissue.
  • Soft tissue grafts. When a person loses gum tissue, their gum line recedes. They may need to have the damaged soft tissue reinforced. This can be done by transferring a small amount of tissue from the roof of your mouth to the affected site. The procedure helps reduce further gum recession, covers exposed roots and gives your teeth a more pleasing appearance.
  • Bone grafting. This procedure is performed when periodontitis has destroyed the bone surrounding your tooth root. The graft may be composed of small fragments of your own bone, or the bone may be synthetic or donated. It helps prevent tooth loss by holding your tooth in place. In addition, the graft serves as a platform for the regrowth of natural bone.
  • Guided tissue regeneration. This allows the regrowth of bone that was destroyed by bacteria. Your dentist places a special piece of biocompatible fabric between the existing bone and the tooth. This material prevents unwanted tissue from entering the healing area, allowing bone to grow back instead.
  • Tissue-stimulating proteins. Another technique involves applying a special gel to a diseased tooth root. This gel contains the same proteins found in developing tooth enamel and stimulates the growth of healthy bone and tissue.

Periodontal Treatments


If a person’s periodontitis isn’t too advanced, treatment may involve non-invasive procedures, such as:

  • Scaling – Teeth scaling is performed to remove tartar and bacteria from a person’s tooth surface and beneath the gum line. To do this, the dentist will use instruments such as a laser or an ultrasonic device.
  • Root planning – Root planing levels the tooth-root surfaces, discouraging additional buildup of tartar and bacteria. This process will also remove any bacterial byproducts that contribute to further inflammation.
  • Antibiotics – Topical and oral antibiotics greatly help in controlling bacterial infections. These can include antibiotic mouth rinses or injections of gels containing antibiotics placed in the spaces between your teeth and gums. Oral antibiotics may be necessary to eradicate infection-causing bacteria effectively.

Periodontal Treatments


Like general dentists, periodontists diagnose and treat periodontal disease, but the cases they handle are comparatively more complex or severe and require their additional training and expertise in periodontics procedures.

No, periodontal surgery or gum grafting procedure is painless. Since a periodontist performs the procedure under the influence of a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. However, you may feel some movement or pressure during the process. 

Periodontal surgery is a dental procedure that helps recover or restore the look and function of teeth, gums, and bone damage due to severe gum disease.

There are a number of treatment procedures a periodontist performs depending on the symptoms.

Gum Grafting

Scaling and Root Planning

Regenerative Procedure

Laser Treatment

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