To Extract or Not to Extract: The Wisdom Teeth Dilemma Of Texans

The removal of wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, is a topic surrounded by much debate and confusion. Deciding whether to keep or remove these wisdom teeth is essential for maintaining good oral health. This blog explores the reasons for and against wisdom teeth extraction, helping you make an informed choice. Understanding Wisdom Teeth […]

Can A Wisdom Tooth Be Pulled If It Is Infected?

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Is It Safe to Extract Wisdom Teeth In Infection? Tooth extraction in any scenario may help in heaps. Gone were the days when extracting teeth was a daunting task. Dentists now are well educated and experienced enough to operate in such conditions. Moreover, the dentists remained in a dilemma to do so.  This discussion has […]

What to Do about Jaw Pain After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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When you have a lower wisdom tooth extraction, this can result in your jaw pain. The extraction process can cause trauma to the muscles around the extracted tooth and to your jaw. When this happens, it is called trismus and it will cause a restriction on how much you can open your mouth.  The Extraction […]