10 Yucky Mouth Signs That You Need To Watch For

10 oral signs to watch

Clues about problems in your mouth When you notice that the conditions in your mouth have somehow changed, it is time to pay attention. Sometimes, symptoms of various health problems will be seen first in your mouth. If you pay attention to these mouth signs, you may be able to ward off problems as they […]

How Cold Weather Affects Your Teeth?

cold weather and teeth

Pain for no reason Experiencing pain when your teeth are exposed to cold weather is something that many people go through. Even when they do not experience pain in warmer weather, they often discover that the cold season can be difficult to enjoy outdoors.    Causes of Cold Weather Tooth Pain Tooth Enamel The enamel […]

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive When Sweets Touch Them?

teeth sensitivity for sweets dfw tx

Love Sweets, but They Make Your teeth Hurt? If you have teeth sensitive to sweets, you are not alone. Many people experience sweet tooth pain when eating sweets. While it may have started rather suddenly, there is a sensitive teeth treatment that can help you. You do not need to continue in pain – or […]