Is Your Dentist a Tooth Mechanic or Physician Of The Oral Cavity?


Your Dentist Can Do Much More than Drill and Fill When you have a cavity, especially when you have one that hurts, you will likely go to a dentist for treatment. It only makes sense to do this because you want to get rid of the pain. When that task has been completed, most people […]

Is Your Dental Inflammation a Serious Risk to Your Health?

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Oral health issues can have an effect on your overall well-being The next time you see that you have bleeding gums, you may not want to ignore it any longer. Although it may not seem like much at the time, taking care of it could mean you might live longer. The fact that they are […]

Do Gum Pockets Hide Infectious Germs?

periodontitis dental disease inflammation of the gums

Periodontitis Reveals It’s Time to See a Dentist The formation of pockets on your gums is not healthy. Most likely, before this occurs your gums have already started receding. This indicates that you have a gum disease called periodontitis and you need to see a periodontist dentist quickly in order to save your gums and […]

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Dental Bone Graft Surgery?

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After you have had dental bone graft surgery, there are some instructions that need to be carefully followed in order to help ensure success. Any kind of surgery requires that special instructions be given, and dental bone graft recovery is not any different. Following these tips will enable faster bone graft healing and enable you […]

Understanding The Possible Problems: A Dental Bone Graft

Dental bone graft, periodontist, bone grafting material, bone graft periodontics

Although bone grafts are usually successful, there is a slight possibility that a problem could show up, which might lead to failure. Dental bone graft problems can stem from a number of reasons, but some of them would be correctable or the surgery may be repeated. Materials Used  in dental implant bone graft When a […]

Lasers in Implant Dentistry, ToothHQ, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

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More and more dentist offices are adding lasers to their collection of tools. Although lasers have been used for a number of years in several aspects of dentistry, it is now being increasingly employed in dental implant surgery. The laser continues to be developed and refined in this field. Early Problems In previous years, lasers […]