Five Oral Mistakes We Are Doing Unknowingly

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Correct These Habits for Healthier Teeth and Gums All this time you may have been thinking you pretty well understood how to take care of your teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes the wires get crossed and bad information gets out, and that may be what we end up believing. This can also occur in the realm of […]

How Multiple Sclerosis[MS] Affects Your Mouth

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Oral Manifestations That Can Devastate Your Dental Health Having multiple sclerosis (MS) at any age can make taking care of your teeth and gums difficult. As the disease progresses, it becomes much more complicated and almost impossible to provide good personal oral care.  Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis When someone has multiple sclerosis, their symptoms may […]

Is Oral Health Responsible for Erectile Dysfunction?

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As the human gets older, you may find that your ability to perform in bed is not as great as it once was. Of course, changes in your sex life will be a matter of concern for most men, and you may not have any idea where to start looking for an answer. The simple […]

How much do you know about your Kid’s Dental Health Rank?

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Dental Health of children is necessary today, but not everyone has the same access, and costs and quality also vary. WalletHub has conducted a study revealing what you need to know about health care for your kids in the different states and their dental health. Each state was ranked according to 30 different factors for […]