Could a Sore Spot Be Deadly Cancer in Your Mouth?

oral cancer

 A non-healing sore is the most common symptom of oral cancer It is not unusual for your mouth to have a sore or two in it. There are many kinds of sores that you can have in your mouth, but some of them may hide a potentially deadly secret – possibly being oral cancer.  Mouth […]

A Simple Brush Biopsy Can Detect Oral Cancer

Oral cancer typically spreads rather fast. Most often, it is not detected until it is already in an advanced stage. For this reason, doctors and researchers continue to try and develop new methods of detecting it while in the early stages. This type of cancer usually starts in the squamous cells, which refers to the […]

What Makes Gums Look White?

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Could It Be Cancer? Your gums, when healthy, will normally be uniformly pink. Certain health conditions, mostly inside your mouth, can cause them to turn white, or a lighter shade of pink than normal. When you find that you have white gums, there is a health concern and you should see a dentist. There are […]

The Surprise Connection between Pollution & Oral Health

Pollution Affecting Your Teeth

 Is Pollution Affecting Your Teeth? Keeping your mouth clean and free of disease is an ongoing job – especially if you like white, beautiful teeth. The bacteria are constantly forming plaque, and, if it is not frequently removed, it will form tartar, which can lead to gum disease. Another threat to your oral health that […]

How Does Your Dentist Help with Oral Cancer Screening?

oral cancer dentist diagnosis

Why a Dentist Usually Finds Oral Cancer First There are many forms of oral cancer. Since they can spread rather quickly, you want to know about them as soon as possible. In many cases, it is the dentist who will first notice them. While many dentists automatically perform oral cancer screening, not all of them […]

Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Health

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Dentists are often asked questions about dental health. Most of these questions are common, but some are less known. This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about dental health, from basic hygiene to oral cancer. Dental care is important for everyone, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases or disabilities. […]

Does Periodontal Disease Affect Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy gives rise to many hormonal changes which are having a high risk of the excited mother developing gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue) and periodontal disease. Many mothers know that they can expect to have some problems with gum disease during their pregnancy. This is not true of every mother-to-be, but about 75 % […]

Is Oral Health Responsible for Erectile Dysfunction?

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As the human gets older, you may find that your ability to perform in bed is not as great as it once was. Of course, changes in your sex life will be a matter of concern for most men, and you may not have any idea where to start looking for an answer. The simple […]

Does Vaping Provide Gum Disease? is it Bad or Good?

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Not long ago, vaping became popular. It was considered as a safer alternative to smoking and possibly even an instrument to help people quit smoking. This type of advertising has led many people to jump on the bandwagon even before the product, and its long-term effects have been tested. Many of the results have come […]

Does Oral Sex Causes Oral Cancer?

dental care, oral health, dental health, oral care, gum disease, periodontal disease, oral cancer

Researchers already know that there is a strong connection between oral sex and developing oral cancer. The connection between the two is the human papillomavirus infection (HPV). This virus can lie dormant for many years – even decades – before it creates recognizable cancer symptoms. About HPV & Oral Cancer Cancers of the throat, called […]