What Does Your Mouth Say About Your Health?

When looking into your mouth, a dentist can identify many things about the condition of your health. In fact, he or she may even be able to tell you about health problems that you are not even aware of yet. By making regular dental visits, the information gained from a visit could help you get […]

10 Yucky Mouth Signs That You Need To Watch For

10 oral signs to watch

Clues about problems in your mouth When you notice that the conditions in your mouth have somehow changed, it is time to pay attention. Sometimes, symptoms of various health problems will be seen first in your mouth. If you pay attention to these mouth signs, you may be able to ward off problems as they […]

Why does Gum disease always cause bad breath or bleeding?

gum disease and bad breath

 A Gum Problem in Need of Treatment One of the first signs of gum disease is going to be bleeding gums. At the same time, your gums may also be inflamed and redder than usual. This should be a good indicator that something needs to change – usually, it is your oral habits.   The […]

How Multiple Sclerosis[MS] Affects Your Mouth

multiple sclerosis and teeth dfw toothhq texas

Oral Manifestations That Can Devastate Your Dental Health Having multiple sclerosis (MS) at any age can make taking care of your teeth and gums difficult. As the disease progresses, it becomes much more complicated and almost impossible to provide good personal oral care.  Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis When someone has multiple sclerosis, their symptoms may […]

How to Treat Dry Mouth?

dry mouth treatments best dentist dfw texas

Solutions to Treat Dry Mouth Having dry mouth is something that you will constantly be aware of, especially if you also constantly have a dry throat and dry lips. You may also have tried several things to get rid of the problem, but have not found anything that works yet. There are several dry mouth […]

Which Common Autoimmune Diseases Affect Your Mouth?

autoimmune disease and mouth dfw tx

Have an Autoimmune Disease? Why You Need to Keep an Eye on Your Teeth There are many autoimmune diseases today, and people who have them need to be aware that they could be affecting them in more ways than they think. One way that needs to be given some consideration is that many common autoimmune […]