All-On-4: An Alternative to Traditional Dental Implants

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Great Teeth on Just Four Implants! Dental implants have been around for a few years now. Many people know about them as the perfect solution to getting tooth replacement. They can replace one or more teeth, and can be applied to single teeth, dental bridges, and partials. A more recent process called all-on-4 enables you […]

High-Tech Dental Implants That Fight Bacteria – ToothHQ Dental Implants Specialist, DFW

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Nanotechnology dentistry helps fight and maintain health New technology is continually being applied to dentistry and the results have been promising. One of the latest discoveries has been found while looking into ways to help ensure that a dental implant will heal successfully. Researchers are using high-tech dentures to overcome the problem.  The Key to […]

Can my Dentures be Implanted?

can my dentures be implanted

Your Dentures Can Be Stabilized Dentures are still the most common way to replace missing teeth. After getting them, many people discover that there are some undesirable problems with them, including the fact that they can slip and often irritate the gums. What many people do not know is that dentures – and partial dentures […]

5 Things To Know Before Considering a Dental Bridge

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Missing teeth can significantly impact the appearance and overall health of your smile. If you’re searching for a solution for missing teeth, it’s vital to understand the treatment options available to you. Understanding your treatment options will help you find the best solution for you. Consider these five things before choosing a dental bridge to […]

Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Health

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Dentists are often asked questions about dental health. Most of these questions are common, but some are less known. This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about dental health, from basic hygiene to oral cancer. Dental care is important for everyone, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases or disabilities. […]