How Are Your Dental Health and Mental Illness Related?

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Dentists can help with your mental health issues There are many forms of mental illness in our society. It affects people in many different ways, but one way that most people will probably not think about is how it may affect their teeth. The shifts of mood that often accompany mental illness often mean a […]

Five Oral Mistakes We Are Doing Unknowingly

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Correct These Habits for Healthier Teeth and Gums All this time you may have been thinking you pretty well understood how to take care of your teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes the wires get crossed and bad information gets out, and that may be what we end up believing. This can also occur in the realm of […]

Do you know the 10 signs of good oral health?

Do you know the 10 signs of good oral health?

 Find Out How Healthy Your Mouth Really Is Good oral health will help you to keep your teeth and gums looking good for a long time. Several things will reveal whether or not they are healthy, or if you are headed for possible dental trouble. There are ten signs that will help you know if […]

What Your Teeth & Mouth Can Tell You About Your Health?

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Can Bad Dental Health Reveal Future Health Problems? Taking care of your teeth is more important than simply keeping them looking good. Recent studies show that there is a definite connection between how well you take care of your pearly whites and gums and the overall health of your body. Ignoring your teeth and gum […]

Is Genetic Testing Good in Treating Gum Disease – Periodontitis?

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Genetic testing or DNA testing is an important observation utilized by healthcare providers to detect alterations in DNA sequence or chromosomes. In the dentistry context, a dentist utilizes this technique to check whether it is helpful or not in identifying  periodontitis. Using DNA testing for the identification of various diseases is not a new phenomenon. […]

How much do you know about your Kid’s Dental Health Rank?

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Dental Health of children is necessary today, but not everyone has the same access, and costs and quality also vary. WalletHub has conducted a study revealing what you need to know about health care for your kids in the different states and their dental health. Each state was ranked according to 30 different factors for […]