How Morning Teeth Cleaning Mistakes Leaves Your Mouth Dirty

Don’t Start Your Day with a Dirty Mouth Every morning when you wake up, you are going to brush your teeth because you have morning breath. This is caused by the bacteria that forms on your teeth constantly, and a considerable amount grew on your teeth while you slept – which is why you have […]

What’s the Best Time To Brush Your Teeth?

A Practical Guide to Tooth Brushing   Brushing your teeth is a habit that many people have developed and maintained through their life. While it is a good habit to keep, it is also important that you know the best time to brush your teeth. Although this may vary a bit for some, there are […]

Dry Brushing Your Teeth – Is It Effective?

How Dry Brushing Could Help You Instead of applying water and toothpaste to your toothbrush, dry brushing your pearly whites may help you brush your teeth better. Although you do not need to do it very often, there are some things you can learn from the experience.  Dry Brushing Benefits There is no doubt that […]

Are You Kidding? Toothbrushing After a Meal is Not Good?


Brushing shortly after certain meals or drinks can do more harm than good Brushing your teeth is one way to protect them. It will certainly help you keep your smile looking good longer. It removes harmful bacteria and acid from your teeth, helping to prevent cavities. Recent research, however, has discovered that it may be […]