Should I Pull All My Good and Bad Teeth to Get Full Mouth Implants? ToothHQ Dental Implants Specialist

When people have dental problems over a long period of time, it is natural to wonder if getting full-mouth dental implants is a good solution. There is no doubt that implants are the best way to replace missing teeth and correct unsightly ones, as well as help eliminate many other dental problems. Full mouth implants could change a lot of things.

The problem that many people face is that they know that they have some good teeth along with the bad ones. They may be tired of having frequent dental visits to correct what may seem like an ongoing problem – teeth that are in constant need of dental treatment. They either need fillings, root canals, crowns, or something else. 

About Full Mouth Implants 

Dental implants, especially full-mouth dental implants should really only be obtained in more extreme cases. This can often be determined by cost. If there is a projected cost of dental treatments within the next few years that may equal or at least come near the cost of full-mouth dental implants, then you probably should get them. 

Even when teeth are repaired, they may only need repairing again in a few years. This makes it necessary to consider the possible future costs of repairing the repairs. This is true in the case of people who need multiple root canals, which sometimes need to be repeated later. 

Replace When Teeth Must Be Removed

In many cases, teeth can be fixed. Whenever they can be fixed, it is better to do so, unless you have a lot of teeth to be repaired. There is no doubt that dental implants are the best option for tooth replacement when fixing them is not possible – or not recommended. Implants will provide a stable tooth or set of teeth that enable you to eat and talk naturally. You do not need to worry about your smile, either, because it will look great. 

Even when teeth are repaired, the time factor also needs to be considered. Not all repairs will last as long as other ones. It should be remembered that there really is no substitute for having natural teeth.

You should not go very long with missing teeth. This enables your teeth to drift toward the empty space, and it could cause them to become misaligned – possibly creating even more problems. 

Age Is a Factor

On the other hand, if you are still rather young, then you probably want to wait. Since even dental implants have a limit, you probably should wait until you are older and the problems are much worse. 

Appearance Is a Factor

When you have to make a decision about whether to pull all your teeth or not, you should think about the appearance of your teeth after another form of treatment. Some treatments, such as fillings, may not change the appearance of a tooth. If you have a misshapen tooth, or a short one, or perhaps a space between your teeth, some procedures will not make the tooth or teeth look any better. 

A full mouth implant will give you instantly beautiful teeth once the process is completed. It will remove all blemishes on your teeth such as spaces, crooked teeth, etc. 

Dental Implants Do Not Always Work

The success rate of dental implants is 95 percent. This means that it works for most people, but not for everyone. In some cases, advance surgery may be needed to build up bone and gums. You also need to be completely free of periodontal disease prior to getting them installed. 

Potential Problems

People should not necessarily look at full mouth dental implants as being a solution to all their dental problems. Most of the time, people are often happy. Oftentimes, other problems can crop up that are related to the implants.

See the Experts

When it comes to experts on dental implants, periodontists are the ones you want to see. They have much more experience in providing implants, and can also give you a good consultation about the condition of your teeth

Care of Dental Implants

Some people who want a solution to teeth that need replacing expect that getting implants will eliminate the need for personal oral care. This is just not true. You still need to brush and floss as before because gum disease is still a possible threat. If serious gum disease (periodontitis) occurs, it can cause you to lose the implants.

Learn the Facts

While many glowing reports of success with full mouth dental implants can be found, it is a really good idea to learn all you can about them before seriously considering them. Then, take any questions you have to the periodontist and get the answers you need. 

If you are considering getting full mouth implants and want to know more about the dental implant process from an oral surgeon, Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, MS, MBA, FDSRCS, a Board Certified Periodontist can help you. He has much experience with dental implants and denture implants. In order to make it convenient for you, he has offices in the Carrollton, Cedar hill, Mockingbird/SMU and Grapevine, TX areas. For a FREE consultation or for questions about dental implant surgery or about the all on 4 dental implants, you can contact his office ToothHQ Dental Clinic today at 214-731-0123