Laser Gum Surgery Vs. Traditional Surgery

Why Laser Gum Surgery Is Better

Having periodontitis is really a no-win situation. If you leave it alone and do not get it treated, you will sooner or later lose your teeth. On the other hand, you could have it treated, which will enable you to save your teeth. After deciding you are ready for treatment, you have a choice between two forms – the traditional or the new laser treatment. There are many differences to be found when you consider laser-gum-surgery-vs-traditional-surgery.

About Periodontitis

When you have periodontitis, the more severe form of gum disease, it is important to realize that the sooner you are treated for it the better. The inflammation and bacteria that are behind periodontitis will continue to destroy your gums, the ligaments that support your teeth, and the jawbone. It will only get worse and become more expensive to treat if allowed to continue. 

Unfortunately, even if you wanted to, you cannot remove it yourself. The bacteria and inflammation are below the gum line. Your gums do not grow back. 

Another important reason to get gum surgery is so that the bacteria and inflammation can be removed that can cause so many serious health problems throughout your body. Researchers now know that the inflammation causes buildups in your body’s blood vessels and organs that can lead to such health problems as cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attacks, cancer, and many more. 

The Traditional Treatment

The traditional method of gum disease treatment is still used today in most places. It involves the cutting open of the periodontal pockets so that the periodontist can gain access to them. This makes it easier to clean out the pockets of the bacteria and inflammation. 

The surgical knife is also applied to some good tissue in an effort to remove damaged tissue. The knife makes no distinction and it relies on the hand and the skill of the surgeon. 

The gums are also cut shorter. Afterward, the gums are attached by stitching it to the remaining gums. The process often involves a lot of bleeding and pain. There would be plenty of pain, but the patient must be placed under general anesthesia, which prevents it – until later.

Pain medications must be provided for several days after the surgery because it takes a while for healing. Several days are needed before the patient is able to go back to work. 

Laser Gum Surgery

Although it still is a rather new process, laser gum surgery offers potential patients a much better alternative. The procedure has been approved by the FDA and has been used on many thousands of patients.

Laser gum surgery clearly has many advantages over the traditional method. A laser is selective in the tissue it destroys. It is able to distinguish between healthy tissue and diseased tissue, which enables more good tissue to saved. This feature also enables the surgeon to direct laser light into the pocket through fiber-optic cables without slicing them open. When applied, it will kill as much as 99 percent of the bacteria in the pockets, whereas the manual removal could not possibly achieve these results. Since nearly all bacteria are killed, it also helps to eliminate the possibility of an infection. 

In regular surgery, the knife is used to cut back the gums, resulting in the loss of several millimeters of gum tissue in height. This loss can range between 2to 15 mm in height. With the laser, there is almost no loss in height.

It also causes near instant clotting so that there is almost no bleeding at all and no need for stitches. The patient also does not need to be unconscious for the process to take place. In fact, only local anesthesia is needed for the surgery. Very little pain will be felt afterward, which almost completely eliminates the need for strong painkillers. Many patients are able to go back to work as soon as the process is completed. 

The laser light also stimulates bone and gum growth, which means that healing time occurs faster than with traditional gum surgery. This actually helps to undo the damage in the jawbone caused by periodontitis. The light also stimulates the tooth surface so that the gums will reattach quickly. Because of this, it has long-term results, enabling more teeth to be saved. 

Is Laser Gum Treatment Effective?

It is no longer necessary to be afraid of the pain that is often associated with traditional gum surgery. The new laser gum surgery technique enables you to get the treatment you need with much less pain, faster healing, better results, and more tissue saved. You may even be able to return to work right after the treatment. 

When you are in need of gum surgery, it should not take long to think of the benefits of laser-gum-surgery-vs-traditional-surgery. The benefits are clear, although some individuals may not qualify. Your dental health insurance may not pay for laser gum surgery – be sure to find out before seeking treatment.

If you want to restore your gums to a more natural and healthy look, you can get laser gum surgery from Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS, a Board Certified Periodontist. He provides receding gums treatment in his Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Mocking Bird and Grapevine, TX offices. Most dental health insurance plans are accepted. For a consultation or information about periodontal treatment, you can contact his office today at 214-731-0123