How to Smile Naturally With No Costly Dentistry

You Can Get a Great Smile for Less!

If you cringe each time someone says “smile for the camera,” there is now an affordable way to change it. There is a way you can present a smile with teeth for pictures and no longer have to hide your teeth. This method will help you be glad to present your new natural smile anytime you want. You can have that beautiful smile without the need for anesthesia, the filing of teeth, or costly dentistry.


Costly Dental Treatments

There are many dental procedures available that can give you a great smile. Most of them are very costly and include dental implants, dental veneers, bridges, and more. 

Some of these products, such as dental implants, require surgery and a lengthy period of time – up to three months – for your gums and bone to heal. Dental veneers require that some of your tooth enamel be removed before applying them. These two methods of getting beautiful teeth are very costly.


Problems That Can Be Corrected

Many dental problems that you have now that makes you hide your smile can be corrected with a product called Snap-on-Smile. These manufactured teeth can instantly correct problems such as:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Missing teeth. 

The Snap-on-Smile product is a set of teeth that fit over your natural teeth. They completely cover them and all anyone will see is a great set of teeth. 


The Advantage of Snap-on-Smile Teeth

The advantages are rather clear. You currently feel somewhat embarrassed to smile naturally. You hide your teeth because of embarrassment and smile with closed lips or nearly closed lips. 

With a set of Snap-on-Smile teeth, it lets you be yourself and you will be glad to smile naturally – with teeth gladly showing. They look like your real teeth, too. Since there is no surgery or other invasive procedure, you can wear them immediately and without any pain. It will enable you to be more comfortable when meeting people. 

Just as important is the fact that you will also be able to eat or drink with your new teeth in place. They are very durable and are made of a high-tech dental resin. They will usually last from three to five years, and this will depend on how often you wear them. 

The teeth are also removable at any time. You can take them out when you want. They can be purchased either just as an upper, or you can get an upper and lower set of teeth.


How They Are Made

You will need to go to a dentist twice to get your Snap-on-Smile. On your first visit, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. No dental tools or shots of any kind are needed. The impression is then sent off to a lab to make your teeth and sent to the dentist when completed. This process will take about three weeks. Then, you simply return to the dentist’s office and have them fitted. Once completed, you simply get to wear your new teeth home. 


Alternative Cosmetic Teeth

The same type of cosmetic teeth can also be purchased in various places. Some of them are very inexpensive in comparison to the Snap-on-Teeth version. The options in sizes may be limited and they do not require a dentist at all. All that is often needed is some hot water to shrink them to fit. They may also be limited in color choices, and they may need to be purchased in quantities of two to six sets. 

Cosmetic teeth have limited durability and you cannot eat with them in your mouth. Because they are fitted using hot water, you cannot drink hot liquids with them in your mouth. This type of cosmetic teeth can be ordered online. You may need to apply denture cream to help them have a better fit, and some fitting beads may also be necessary. 

Other types of cosmetic teeth, such as press-on-veneers, are customized and you will have to send the company an impression of your teeth. They will then make your teeth and send them directly to you. These are also not as durable as you will get at the dentist office, but they are great options when you want to make a good impression. 


Paying for More Beautiful Teeth

Some companies that make these products available will let you make payments. Others will require cash up front. 


Taking Care of Cosmetic Teeth

A few of the products have to be cleaned with special products that the company provides. Others can be simply cleaned in soapy water. Be sure you find out if there is going to be extra costs involved in the product before getting them. 

When you want great looking cosmetic teeth that will last, you want to get them from a qualified dentist. Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS, is a Board-certified Periodontist who also knows how to give you a set of great looking teeth with Snap-on-Smile. If you live in the Carrollton, Dallas, Cedar hill or Grapevine, TX areas, you can set up an appointment for a better natural smile at (214) 731-0123. Also check out ToothHQ’s  affordable payment plans incase you want to avail other dental services