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Know the Causes of Phobia

The best method for replacing missing teeth is to get dental implants. In spite of this excellent method and the fact that most people want a good-looking set of teeth, many people have a strong fear of dentists that keeps them away. It is very difficult for them to go because of dental anxiety. The good news is that solutions are available for them. 

The Cause of Dental Phobia

In some cases, the reason for the extreme fear of dentists cannot be determined. For those who have it, it can prevent them from getting the dental care needed. As many as 9 – 15 percent of Americans have this fear, which means about 30 – 40 million people are probably not getting the dental care they need. They often will not go until it becomes extremely painful, which likely means that they have passed the point of less expensive options. Now it will cost considerably more. 

Oftentimes, there are several reasons why they might be terrified of dentists. They include: 

  • A fear of pain – This could stem from a previously bad dental experience, or you may have heard one dental horror story too many.
  • Fear of being helpless – You know that you have no control while in the dentist chair with dental tools in your mouth. This causes fear in some people.
  • Fear of needles – You may be afraid of injections. Others are afraid that the anesthesia will not work. Other solutions are available.
  • Embarrassment – A few people are afraid that someone else will see the real condition of their teeth, or they may be uncomfortable with the closeness of another person. 

Why it Matters

People with strong dental phobia are not making their appointments. This places them at a much higher risk for gum disease, tooth loss, and other health problems caused by inflammation. Because of the poor condition of their teeth, they become self-conscious and smile less, and they often lose self-esteem. 

As a result of letting teeth problems go, the individual is also jeopardizing their health and life. Problems such as gum disease and inflammation spread through the bloodstream from the gums and can create such issues as cardiovascular problems, heart attacks, stroke, dementia, diabetes, and many more. 

What the Patient Can Do

Instead of not getting the treatment and avoiding all dental appointments, if you have dental phobias you can take some action steps to get the needed treatment. You can:

  • Inform the dentist of your fear – Dentists will be glad to work with you. You can pre-arrange a signal, such as raising your hand when you need a break or are feeling pain.
  • Create mental distractions – Focusing on the object of your fear will only make it worse. You can tune out the drill by listening to music or an audiobook through headphones, or playing with a stress ball. 

Another Solution – Sedation Dentistry

If you feel that you absolutely cannot relax during your dental implants or other dental procedure, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. In this type of dentistry, the patient is relaxed, but not completely put to sleep. He or she can still respond to the dentist. It is also called sleep dentistry, twilight dentistry, or conscious sedation because you are still conscious and awake. Some people get so relaxed that they may fall asleep. 

Several options are available with sedation dentistry. You can choose to take a pill before your appointment or get IV sedation. Most likely, a local injection will also be necessary, but by then you will already be very relaxed that you will not mind. A great advantage of this form of dentistry is that it will help you to relax even if you are afraid of dentist. With some forms of sedation dentistry, you will not even remember the procedure.

Dental Implants

Getting dental implants is the best way to replace missing teeth. It enables you to enjoy teeth that look natural and are rigid – not slipping or sliding and providing embarrassing moments. They will enable you to talk and eat normally and comfortably, just like you would with your own teeth. 

Perhaps one of the best features of dental implants is that they do not develop cavities. On the other hand, you will need to treat your implants like your own teeth when it comes to personal oral care. It is not a way to end regular dental care. Some follow-up appointments will be needed. 

If you have dental anxiety and fear of dentist but want to get dental implants, you can get help from ToothHQ  dental specialist. Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, MS, MBA, FDSRCS. Tooth HQ Board certified periodontists are authorized to give sedation dentistry. Dr Vadivel and his team of expert dentists can help you with any dental treatments you may need. We have dental offices in the Carrollton, Cedar hill, Mockingbird/SMU, and Grapevine, TX areas. For a FREE Tooth HQ consultation, you can contact our office today at 214-731-0123