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What You Need to Know Before Getting Them

Dental implants have been around for more than 40 years, but many people still do not understand them. Although they are not complicated, there still remain a lot of myths about them. Here are some straight facts to help you separate fact from fallacy.


Fallacy #1 – Dental Implants Do Not Look Real

Fact – The truth is just the opposite. When compared with other tooth replacement options, dental implants more closely resemble real teeth than other types of replacement teeth. Dentists not only take care to make them look real, but they will also match the color of your other teeth. 

Since the gums will cover the titanium root and abutment, there is not going to be any visible metal line. The only way this could occur is if the gums recede – and this could lead to having to remove the implant. 


Fallacy #2 – There Is Too Much Pain Associated with It

Fact – Many people do not get implants because they are afraid of the pain that they have heard goes with the tooth implant procedure. During the surgery, the pain is alleviated by anesthesia or nitrous oxide. Afterward, painkillers are prescribed, but most people do not have great amounts of pain. There will be some discomfort, however, for a couple of weeks. 

For people who are afraid of the dentist or the drill, sedation dentistry is available. This sedation makes people really relaxed but does not actually put them to sleep – letting you be very comfortable during the whole process. 


Fallacy #3 – Dental Implants Are Very Costly

Fact – It is true that they are not cheap. But when you think about how costly other options would be – which likely need to be replaced two or three times during the normal life of an implant – it is certainly worth the cost. With the right kind of care, implants can last a lifetime. 

In addition to their longevity, they are also the only option that will help preserve your jawbone. They will also help to keep your remaining teeth (if you have any) from drifting and getting out of alignment. 


Fallacy #4 – Dental Implants Can Cause Migraines

Fact – Some people believe that a tooth implant can cause migraines or headaches. This is another myth because there is no supporting evidence for it. If people get headaches afterward, it is likely a problem with TMJ. It is true, that in some cases some nerve damage may have occurred during the surgery – but it is rare.


Fallacy #5 – Implants Are Often Unsuccessful

Fact – This myth is completely untrue. The success rate for dental implants currently stands at 95 percent. This means that only five percent of the procedures are unsuccessful. On occasion, there are complications and the bone does not grow around the artificial root, which could lead to it falling out. 


Fallacy #6 – Dental Implants Require Considerable Maintenance

Fact – It is unrealistic to think that they do not require any maintenance. However, implants simply need the same care – brushing and flossing – that you give to your other teeth. The reason they need this care is to protect the gums and bone that supports them from gum disease. 


Fallacy #7 – Age Is a Limiting Factor for Implants

Fact – The only way that age plays a part is that a person may be too young. Since the bones in the jaw of a young person have not yet fully developed, they do not qualify. On the other hand, no one is too old for the procedure as long as they have a large enough jawbone and healthy gums – and overall good health. 


Fallacy #8 – The Recovery Period Is Very Long

Fact – It is true that it is longer than most other dental procedures, but when you consider how long the benefit will be that you get from having implants, it is worth it. Normally, it will take between two to six months for the jawbone to grow around the artificial root to secure it in place. After that, you will be glad you had it done. 


Fallacy #9 – The Person Performing the Surgery Does Not Matter

It is true that any dentist can legally put in a dental implant. The likelihood of success is increased when you have someone perform the surgery that has done it many times before and is an expert at it. This would be a dental implant specialist – a periodontist. 


Dental implants can change your life for the better. The teeth are permanent and let you eat whatever you want. If you are considering getting dental implants, or you want to know about implant supported dentures, full dental implants, or all on four dental implants, ToothHQ dental clinic can help you with the best dental implants at affordable prices and payment plans. We accept all major dental insurance and also has offices at four convenient locations in Dallas Fort Worth , Texas – Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Dallas and Grapevine.

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