Could a Sore Spot Be Deadly Cancer in Your Mouth?

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 A non-healing sore is the most common symptom of oral cancer It is not unusual for your mouth to have a sore or two in it. There are many kinds of sores that you can have in your mouth, but some of them may hide a potentially deadly secret – possibly being oral cancer.  Mouth […]

A Simple Brush Biopsy Can Detect Oral Cancer

Oral cancer typically spreads rather fast. Most often, it is not detected until it is already in an advanced stage. For this reason, doctors and researchers continue to try and develop new methods of detecting it while in the early stages. This type of cancer usually starts in the squamous cells, which refers to the […]

Does Oral Sex Causes Oral Cancer?

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Researchers already know that there is a strong connection between oral sex and developing oral cancer. The connection between the two is the human papillomavirus infection (HPV). This virus can lie dormant for many years – even decades – before it creates recognizable cancer symptoms. About HPV & Oral Cancer Cancers of the throat, called […]