How to Cut Your Chance of Having a Stroke by Tooth Brushing

reduce stroke

Uncovering the Connection between Stroke and Gum Disease In recent years, researchers have discovered that gum disease is behind many diseases today – including stroke. This discovery makes it much more important to eliminate gum disease quickly so that you can reduce your stroke risk and other serious health problems. The Way It Works Although […]

Epidemiology of Emergency Dental Care

dental emergencies

Why Most Dental Emergencies Occur A study was conducted in the Seattle’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center to determine what kind of emergency dental visits were made from 1982 to 1991. The epidemiology was made to be able to help hospitals know how to prepare best for dental emergencies and how to be staffed and […]

Medical Emergencies in Dentistry: Prevention and Preparation

medical emergency

Why Most Dental Emergencies Do Not Have to Happen Just as it is true that an emergency may occur in any medical office or hospital, there is always a chance that medical emergencies in dentistry may also happen. Both offices involve surgery, blood, medications, and anesthesia, and this increases the possibility of complications. These conditions […]

Patient Evaluation of Zygomatic Implants Using the Sinus Slot Technique

Zygomatic Implants

How This New Process Can Enable You to Get Implants Getting dental implants to replace missing teeth is not easy when you have had missing teeth for some time. The longer you are without teeth the more time has occurred for your jawbone to have been resorbed by your body. This lack of bone means […]

Gum disease opens up the body to a host of infections -ToothHQ Periodontists, DFW

gum disease and overall health

How Gum Disease Betrays Your Health Gum disease is not just something that the other person has. Almost 50 percent of adults in the U.S. have gum disease, and they have a more serious form called periodontitis. Besides possibly making your teeth fall out, this gum disease also helps your body create many other serious […]

Evaluation of the effectiveness of concentrated growth factor on osseointegration

CGF Dental implants

 How CGF Helps Stabilize Dental Implants Faster The success of dental implants is based on whether or not the bone attaches firmly to the implant. This is called osseointegration. It takes time for this to take place, and several factors can slow the process that may cause it to fail. A concentrated growth factor may […]