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How to Get Dental Implants without Bone Grafts

Getting a stable set of teeth can make a big difference for people who are without teeth (edentulous). People who have tried dentures found that they are prone to creating problems that seem to have no solution. One way to solve the problem of dentures is to get the all-on-four immediate function treatment concept from NobelActive.

About NobelActive

The NobelActive company makes NobelBiocare dental implants. They are one of the most advanced companies in the field and continue to improve all aspects of dental implant technology, including methods of implanting. The all-on-four immediate function treatment concept enables you to get a completely new set of teeth on the same day that you walk into the dentist’s office. This is true even if you have teeth that still need to be extracted. 

The Immediate Function Treatment Concept

The older method of getting a complete set of new teeth using dental implants often required months of preparation. Bone grafts were often required if there were not sufficient amounts of bone where an implant needed to be placed. After the bone graft, a healing period of between three to six months was needed before the implant could be placed. Once the implants were placed, it was usually necessary for the bone to attach to the implant before the teeth could be used. This caused a serious delay because pressure from your bite could cause the implant to fail. It would also require a delay of getting your actual teeth by another three to six months. 

The All-on-Four Immediate Function Treatment Concept

The NobelActive company has continued to simplify the process. They learned that they could place the posterior implants at an angle of up to 45 degrees in order to get the maximum amount of dental bone. They also learned that this method can be used without the need for bone grafts – even in those people who have experienced some bone loss. Implant lengths of many different sizes help to ensure that almost anyone can get the implant system. 

Usable teeth can even be placed on the dental implants before you leave the dentist’s office. This is the immediate function aspect of the treatment. It ensures that you are not toothless anymore, but it lets you walk out with a great looking set of teeth. If teeth need to be extracted, the dental implants can be inserted into the sockets at the same time. 

The Success Rate

Using the all-on-four immediate function treatment concept has been tested and found to be extremely successful – ranging from 95 to 98 percent. Some studies have even had higher success rates. Patients also enjoy the immediate new look of their teeth and smile – improving their self-esteem almost instantly. Most patients (88 percent) will recommend that their friends get dental implants, too. 

Why Implant-Supported Dentures Are Better

When you have regular dentures or are thinking about getting them, you need to realize that they can create several problems. One common problem is that they can slip when you are talking. This can be highly embarrassing and it can limit your social interaction if it happens often. Another problem is slipping when you eat. You can only eat certain foods and chewing can be difficult. 

Dentures can also cause sore spots on your gums because they rest directly on them. With implant-supported dentures, they do not rest on your gums at all, which will eliminate the problem with sores. Because they rest on the implants, they also will not slip or move. Although it is sometimes possible to use your own dentures, if you get new ones with the implant supported dentures – they are stronger than regular dentures, which enable you to eat what you want. 

Even Better Implantation

NobelActive has recently invented a tool to enable dentists to be more accurate in placing the implants. This ensures that the implants provide the maximum amount of bone for the best stability. It also shortens the amount of time that you need to be in the dentist’s chair when getting the all-on-four system. 

Candidates for All-on-Four Immediate Function Concept

While most people can get dental implants with this treatment concept, there are some who may not be able to get them. The biggest hindrance is the presence of gum disease, although this can be treated in advance of the implant surgery. Good health is also needed because patients will need to receive anesthesia – usually sleep dentistry, but some people may need general anesthesia. 

Daily Maintenance

A large threat to dental implants is gum disease. Once the implants are in place and you have your new teeth, you will need to take care of them regularly. This is another requirement. Although the implants cannot develop cavities, your gums may still develop gum disease if the proper care is neglected. Regular dental visits will need to be made in order to ensure that your teeth and implants or still healthy and working as expected. 

If you are tired of regular dentures, or would rather skip the denture experience altogether, the all-on-four immediate function treatment concept is for you. NobelActive implant supported dentures can restore your smile and your self-esteem. Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, MS, MBA, FDSRCS a Board Certified Periodontist, provides same day dentures in his Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Mockingbird/SMU and Grapevine, TX offices. Most dental insurance plans are accepted. For a consultation or for more information about dental implants, or about the all on four dental implants system, you can contact his ToothHQ office today