5 Advantages Of Laser Gum Treatment – Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas

Got Gum Disease? Opt For Non-Surgical Laser Gum Therapy

One of the trendsetting dental treatment is Laser Gum treatments. Laser treatments are more convenient and comfortable for both the patient and doctor. Laser gum treatments, also known as laser periodontal therapy represent a significant advancement in periodontal care.

Let’s see the five advantages offered by Laser Gum Therapy

Laser is a precise treatment which targets only the affected part of its gums without destruction of surrounding healthy tissue and teeth. It is minimally invasive without any cuts or stitches which means less trauma and faster recovery rate.

Minimal discomfort is expected with a laser gum treatment. During the surgery of gums, bleeding is common in traditional methods. After the procedure is complete stitches are placed and bleeding is taken care of. Whereas in laser during the procedure itself the blood vessel and nerve endings are sealed reducing the bleeding.

Reduced risk of infection in laser gum treatment due to laser’s self sterilization capability making your dental procedures safer and more hygienic

In traditional methods there are chances of the tooth surface getting slightly touched and damaged. When approached through a laser, no harm is caused to root or teeth surface and hence no sensitivity is seen during or after the procedure.

Doctors have better control with lasers over traditional surgical treatment guaranteeing effective success in gum treatment.

No Anxiety, No needles, No suture , No pain. With laser dental treatment, It’s only gains galore. However, making an informed choice by selecting an experienced and reputable practitioner is pivotal to the success of this treatment. If in and around Carrollton, Grapevine, Cedar Hill or Mockingbird/SMU , Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas – call Dr Vadivel DDS, MS, MBA, FDSRCS – ToothHQ Board Certified Periodontist at 469-470-2546 for a Free Laser consultation. Dr Vadivel has three decades of dental experience and is a certified laser clinician. ToothHQ accepts all major dental insurances and also offers attractive dental payment plans/credit options.

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