Gum Grafting Treatment for Receding Gums

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Receding gums are something you hate to find when you look in the mirror. Besides thinking that it means you are aging, which may not be the cause, it does mean that it is not apt to get any better on its own. Your gums will likely continue to recede unless you get some help. […]

What to expect during Bone Grafting surgery?

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Once you have had the mild form of gum disease for some time, it eventually changes and takes on a new form. It becomes periodontitis and the destruction of tissue begins, including gum recession, the support structures for your teeth, and your jawbone. In order to restore your smile after periodontal disease, you will need […]

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Dental Bone Graft Surgery?

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After you have had dental bone graft surgery, there are some instructions that need to be carefully followed in order to help ensure success. Any kind of surgery requires that special instructions be given, and dental bone graft recovery is not any different. Following these tips will enable faster bone graft healing and enable you […]

Understanding The Possible Problems: A Dental Bone Graft

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Although bone grafts are usually successful, there is a slight possibility that a problem could show up, which might lead to failure. Dental bone graft problems can stem from a number of reasons, but some of them would be correctable or the surgery may be repeated. Materials Used  in dental implant bone graft When a […]